The company takes its name from the toonyme wher its vines and ancient olive trees stand.

“Cignano” seems to derive from the transformation of Latin terms related to the Roman presence on our territory. In fact, we find ourselves in Isola di Fano in the Valley of the Tarugo stream perpendicular to the valley of the river Metauro near by the ancient Forum Sempronii today Fossombrone.

The relationship between tradition and modernity has been materialized by the embrace between the verdant vine and the old and dry elm tree which is the company logo and we also find on the labels; it’s also an invitation to consider the contemporaneity as a moment of continuity of tradition


Cignano has been founded during the sixties when Antonio and Mario Bucchini already working on the agricolture sector and decided to approach the viticolture.


Now the company is led by Fabio and Annibale who together with their families,look to the future.
They want to convey emotions concerning a territory rich of tradition and history,not forgetting of their origins but in a modern type creating not only a contemporary company but the history of a big family now in its the fourth generation.




The archaeological monuments such as the statue il Dio Vertunno represents the changes of the seasons, of the vegetation and the ripe fruits;here in the Isola di Fano represents the oncoming of Etruschi on the terittory,the cultivation of olive groves and grapes.
If you get a look around you will find locations full of history and tradition:Fossombrone,Gola del Furlo,Urbino,Urbania,Sant’Angelo in Vado,Acqualagna,Pergola and Fano.